Create a category (or tag) in WordPress

  1. Log in to your WordPress Admin page
  2. Click on Posts > Categories
  3. Under Name, type the category you wish to create
  4. The slug field below will be your page’s name in the URL. You can leave this field empty. WordPress will automatically fill it with your category name and replace spaces with hyphens.
  5. To create this category as a subcategory, select the higher level category from the Parent Category drop-down menu. This will appear as a subcategory of the selected parent category. Subcategories can help further focus your article topics while maintaining a cohesive content structure. Tags do not support hierarchy or subtags.
  6. Enter a Description that accurately describes the content of this category or tag, in less than 20 words. Your category or tag descriptions only appear on your website with certain themes, so make sure to test whether your theme displays descriptions to your visitors.
  7. Click Add New Category (or Tag) at the bottom.

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