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    Hay, my bloggers introduce my name is Reza, is a pen name that I use when writing a website on a gado-gado blog with URL that writes about tips, tricks, knowledge and education, tourist and culinary info and traveling .

    Even though I have a web as well as a pen name like a professional writer, but actually I didn’t really like writing, especially writing something that many people are looking for

    Usually I just write a outpouring of heart and also what I want to write, writing is sometimes not in accordance with the rules.

    But actually writing well is very much one of the successes in a paper so that many people will be touched.

    So because of that, in the end I found out how important it was to write well so that creatures would gladly read the writing we wrote. In this case as a writer on a blog that can be read online, not only about how to write good things that I have to learn.

    But learning how to search egine also likes writing that we publish on search engines. So it’s important to write well, but also need to know the search engine algorithms at this time.

    Why should it be yaps because our good posts will be a little difficult to find by humans if our optimization is not reliable in the eyes of search engines, especially as a blogger or beginner blog writer, it will be very difficult. Unless we have a forum and we share our writing there.

    Well it is important for us especially I personally in writing with good ples writing with the rules of the search engine algorithm …

    Thank you 🙂



    Hello Wilda!

    I write in Ingtelecto

    I think that all of us who dedicate ourselves to the creation of content, we like to write. However, what you mention about search engine optimization is of vital importance. Although it does not concern us, but the people who are dedicated to it.

    I have observed your website, but I see that you need more design, that is more cheerful for your visitors, greetings.

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    im begin with this page:

    you can learn seeking tutorials in google.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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