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    Hi team,
    Im fiddling around this theme before i go ahead and make the purchase. Ran into some issues.
    The home page – where new posts are displayed images and numbering – is not picking up posts which fall in any category. only uncategorized posts are getting displayed there. As soon as i change the category of a post from anything to uncategorized – the post comes up.
    Any help will be highly appreciated.


    Hi createch,

    First off, We’d like to extend a warm welcome and thank you for your interest in using “Royal Magazine”.

    From WordPress Dashboard Kindly goto Appearance ▸ Customize ▸ Home/Front Page Settings ▸ Slider Section and choose a category of your choice.

    Please find below screenshot link for reference.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
    ThemeinWP Support Team



    Thanks this helped!
    So there is no option to have “all categories” instead of choosing one?
    If there is a use case of this feature (where the homepage shows posts from only one category) I would like to hear it.

    Once again thanks for helping out, new to WP.



    Hi Can someone help me here please: is it possible to point the slider to all categories instead of a specific one?


    Hi createch,

    A WordPress post can be filed under multiple categories. So if you want to display all of your post on slider section, you need to create a common category and choose that under Appearance ▸ Customize ▸ Home/Front Page Settings ▸ Slider Section.

    Please reference:

    FYI: Royal Magazine slider only displays four latest post of any chosen category.

    Hope this helps.



    Ok, I’ll probably have a featured post category then.Thanks for your support.




    There is a problem in this step, because i only
    have 2 categories available. I can cannot organise
    my articles according categories except
    for these 2 categories (print screen):

    Your template:

    in my wordpress (Articles > categories), all categories are presents.



    Yes probably have a featured post category then

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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